Pedaling through the streets of Wynwood

  • Sight Seeing 80% 80%
  • Affordability 95% 95%
  • Difficulty 40% 40%

Destination: Miami, FL

Budget: $40 – $100

Cycle parties have become a popular tourist attraction in many cities like Austin, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Miami Cycle Party offers a fun and an unexpected twist on the the traditional booze fest of the pedal bar crawl.

If you are not one to go against the grain, skip the booze entirely and treat this tour like an outdoor art gallery tour. It will not disappoint. 

Our tour guide was amazing. She made the experience personalized and took her time in guiding us through the neighborhood.

Pros of this Activity

– You can bring your own playlist of music. 

– If you get tired of pedaling, you can take a break and let your friends carry the weight.

– It’s very easy to pedal.

– Plenty of time at each stop to allow you to rest, grab a drink, or have a quick snack.

Cons of this Activity

– You might get stuck carrying the load.

– If you are not a drinker, the temptation to drink is strong. 

– You might get caught in the rain. frown

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