I recently discovered the Good On You App via the sustainable fashion blog sustainably-chic.com.  This app is designed to keep conscious consumers like you and I informed about the work and production practices of fashion brands. The Good On You App is easy to navigate and you can find fashion items by either browsing the designer or the category. I’m happy to have discovered this app when I did, because I recently wrote about how hard it can be to find stylish sustainable fashion.


One thing I really like about this app is the transparency it creates between the brand and the consumer. The brand ratings are easy to understand, and range from ‘Great’ to ‘We Avoid’. And clicking on each retailers specific page allows users to learn more about the ways each brand holds themselves to a higher standard by choosing ethical labor practices, sustainable materials, and protecting the environment.

The Good On You App rates the labor standards, the environmental impact, and each brands treatment of animals. And each brand profile goes into detail as to why each brand received the rating they received. Once you have found a brand that you love, you can add it to your favorites! Being able to collect all of your favorite brands in one place not only makes shopping easier, but also makes it simple to stay abreast on their latest ‘do good’ policies.

Using this app has helped me learn more about the brands that I already love. It has also helped me discover new brands in the process. This app provides insightful articles that dive deeper into the topic of sustainable fashion. It’s a great way to communicate with your favorite brands as well. Every time we spend our money, we are exercising our vote for the type of society we want to live in. Stay informed and make conscious decisions.

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