Another month has come and gone and I’m rounding out my favorite product discoveries! Take a look you might see something you like! 😉

  1. Coco Pits – This all-natural aluminum free deodorant is the B-E-S-T! I will not be using a regular deodorant ever again. I have always had issues with weird odors when using normal deodorants. They just don’t work well for me, and I’m always feeling self conscious about it! But, ever since I tried Coco Pits, I was sold! Purchased the .2 oz container recently and let’s just say a little goes a long way. Don’t let the slightly higher price fool you!
  2. Last month I went to the Elevé promotional party and met the sweet Gertie, founder of the mineral make up brand. It’s vegan and all-natural plus it looks great! Check out my blog post about that event. During that event I was gifted with the Sheer Lumiere in Caribbean. I love this stuff! It’s like a bronzer and highlighter all in one. It’s what I use on my face after I put on foundation to add back some moisture, and take away the mattifying effect of my foundation.
  3. I love my NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream it’s the perfect dark fall lip color!
  4.  I recently transitioned to a protective sew-in weave hairstyle. I haven’t worn a weave in years! It’s crazy I used to get them all the time, then I fell in love with my natural texture and what it can do. Now that I’m venturing back in to weaves (to give my hair a break from styling) I remembered how much I loved Taliah Waajid’s products for keep my hair fresh and healthy. In the past I used the Moisture Clenz and now I’m giving her African Healing Oyl a go too! Great natural hair line. Take a look at my past review, and look how far the blog has come!

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