Just in time for the crazy humid weather in Austin, Texas, my oily skin has found its savior. The Black Algae Flash Mask from Osea Malibu is the perfect mask for combination skin. And here’s why…

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Osea Black Algae Flash Mask Review

The Osea Black Algae Flash Mask (can you say tongue twister) combines the healing power of the sea and earth to create a mask that clears pores and exfoliates. One of the things that I love about this skin care brand is it’s use of natural, vegan, skin care ingredients. Many of their products contain essential oils as the fragrance, so you always smell fresh.

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Before using the Algae Flash Mask, I washed my face with their Ocean Cleansing Mudd. It’s a blend of organic brown algae and natural oils that help to purify oily clogged pores. Plus, the refreshing peppermint oil is invigorating. I like to use it in the AM to wake me up.

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So back to the Flash Mask. I was surprised this particular Osea product didn’t have a strong essential oil scent. This mask smells like pure clay. One of the main ingredients is Hematite (I had to look it up), a stone that is rich in minerals such as iron. So it’s not a clay mask after all, but it’s derived from the earth. And according to this website, it may just provide you with some major earth energy vibes. I can dig it!

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It also has many natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, fig extract, hibiscus, and too many amazing things on the label to name all of them here. I love the jojoba beads that gently exfoliate the skin. And unlike many clay masks, when this mask dries, it doesn’t pinch your skin. In fact, when I washed it off, my skin was left feeling so smooth and not at all dry. I really like this mask!

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A word of advice when using this mask, be sure to rinse your face off well. The jojoba beads are sneaky little devils and will hide in any crook and cranny they can find. And do yourself a favor and spot treat any blemishes with their Essential Corrective Complex. It has tea tree oil and is great for overnight use along with your favorite night cream (I’m currently using this one).

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