I was selected again this month to try out the Pop sugar Must Have Box. I did a review about my August box you can read about it here. It was a cool box, but I must say the September Must–Have Box is even better. I’ve reviewed my favorite items from the box below.


The Gluten Free Bites

The perfect office snack! I munched on these instead of my usual chocolate chip cookie (cringe) and I liked them! They definitely satisfy my chocolate craving. And they only have seven grams of sugar per serving (2 bites) For only 100 calories you get 2g Fiber, chocolate coconut goodness, and they are Non-GMO. I say this brand is GO!

Mani E.R. from NCLA Los Angeles


This could not have come at a better time. Have you ever been at a party or a gathering and had to shake hands with someone, and you see them look at your hands so you look at your hands too and notice the horror that is your chipped nail polish and over grown fingernails. How did this happen? Two weeks of trying to get in the swing of things at a new job. That’s how.

I was glad to find the manicure kit in the Pop Sugar Must Have Box. I used it for the first time after having an epiphany about a work situation in the middle of the night. I sat up in bed and cleaned my nails and clipped my hangnails. Then filed them to perfection. It was so therapeutic. This the perfect travel manicure.

This super stylish hat…



LipGloss from Smith & Cult

I was pleasantly surprised by this sheer gloss. Normally sheer colors don’t show up well on my lips but this did not disappoint!


BrioGeo Deep Conditioner



Loved how this Deep Conditioner from Briogeo brought my ringlets to life! Too bad it isn’t a leave-in!

The Must-Have Box is the perfect gift that keeps giving (its a subscription). It features products that you’ll love and you will discover things you didn’t even realized you needed! Great Christmas gift! I love that out of the 2 boxes I have received, there have always been 2 or more natural products and companies. Get $5 off your FIRST Must-Have box by using code: SHOP5

POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try.

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