It’s January and you know what that means…a new POPSUGAR Must Have Box!! When I see that hot pink box on my doorstep I know it’s going to be filled with amazing goodies. This time around the box is perfectly suited to the new year and renewing your energy. A strong message that all of us really need right now.

I’ve been partnering with POPSUGAR Must Have Box since July of 2016. This partnership is an opportunity for me to share with you all the value of your purchase with this company. Who doesn’t want to see the value of their purchases before actually swiping the card? That is why blogging about amazing programs such as the Must Have Box subscription is great! So let’s take a look at what January’s Must Have Box has to offer!



What’s in the box this month?


Glade No3 *Free Coconut Beach Woods Candle


Everybody needs a good scented candle in their home (yes, even the guys). Especially if the scent transports you to paradise. This was one of the first products I used from the Must Have Box. The Coconut scent is amazing and is burning as I type this! Plus, the essence lingers long after the candle has been burned. Glade did an amazing job with the packaging on this candle. It’s design is reminiscent of a candle you’d find at a boutique or specialty store. This was a freebie item in the box. I love freebies!


Daily Concepts: Your Hair Wrap Towel
Daily Concepts has designed this wrap and snap head towel to help dry and secure your hair after a fresh wash. It means not wasting a clean towel to dry your hair. It also means hands-free hair drying. The Hair Wrap Towel from Daily Concepts is perfect for around the house and I can even see myself traveling with it. Washing the wrap before using can prevent lint balls (not that bad, just a few) or  a lint roller works too! Daily Concepts has other useful bath tools that you can try too. I love bathing with bath gloves. They are the perfect exfoliate for your skin and make lathering soap really easy.  Value: $18
GoldFaden Fresh A Peel


If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m a huge fan of facial peels and skin brighteners. My dark skin is susceptible to dark marks caused by hyper-pigmentation. So using facial peels are routine for me to even out my skin tone. The Fresh A Peel serum from Goldfaden is a light non-greasy serum that you can leave on your face for a few minutes. It dries very fast so there’s no need to leave it on any longer. I’ll be using this more to see if I notice any difference in my complexion. Goldfaden also carries other skin products including an exfoliating scrub and dark circle eye brightener.  Value: $85


Source Books Inc. Instant Happy Notes & May Designs Desk Calendar


Y’all, the struggle has been real with building my own personal blogging space. Not only am I living with my folks right now, but there’s no internet connection! Yep, I’ve been blogging on a tight budget with no internet connection. How? Well I blog from coffee shops and the library, anyplace I can get free WiFi! But recently I discovered that I could change my phone plan to include a mobile hotspot through my phone. So now I have internet! It’s pretty amazing. (thank you Sprint!)

What better way to celebrate than by decorating my desk with goodies from my Must Have Box? It’s like they knew I’d be getting internet soon. Can you say perfect timing? The desk calendars from May designs are my absolute favorite because they double as thank you notes! Handwritten thank you notes are so underrated in our society. I love sending personalized notes to express my appreciation. And the Happy Notes from Sourcebooks are perfect for boosting the moral at work. I can’t wait to put these to use at my new job! Value: $8.99 & $25



Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel & Peppermint Tea from Dean & Deluca

Two other items in the box are the Peppermint tea from Dean & Deluca and the eQua yoga mat towel. I have an embarrassing confession. I have not cleaned my yoga mat in months (yuck I know). So until I purchase a new one, I won’t be using the eQua towel. I’m afraid my current mats are at a point of no return and I don’t want to ruin this new towel! The peppermint tea on the other hand is perfect for the tea lover. It’s loose leaf so you will need to buy your own tea bags or reusable strainer. Value: $24.97 &  $10.75

Each month is a pleasant surprise and this month’s box is valued at over $170 

If you would like to give the Must Have Box a shot, use code: Shop5 to take $5 off your first box!