Let Go | Shadow Work Journaling Templates

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*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist and my work is not meant to diagnose or treat your health conditions.

These shadow work journaling prompts were created to help me do my own shadow work in a way that is constructive and easy to reflect back on. Shadow work is a gray area and these prompts will help organize your thoughts.

What’s Included?

1. How to Identify the Shadow Self
2. Journaling prompts to help you identify your shadow self.
3. Discover the reason you should do your shadow work to increase success and stop self-sabotage.
4. Five ways to integrate your shadow self.
5. Childhood Review Journaling Prompts.

When done correctly, shadow work is the key to overcoming inner blockages that are keeping you from advancing in your relationships, your career, and all areas of personal growth. These prompts can be printed and used infinite times as you complete your inner work.

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