Simple Plates Vol. 1

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Simple Plates is designed to aid beginner-level cooks in preparing healthy dishes from scratch. If you are not a beginner level cook, you will still appreciate this recipe book. Many of the recipes can be easily modified and I’ve included substitutes ( notated by), and simple modifications to make recipes fit many diets.

You will notice that I do not include the calorie counts for these recipes. I’m a big believer in enjoying the food that you eat. When you eat whole healthy foods, you tend to eat less because you rely on a number of other factors to fulfill your hunger. Fiber, fat, and consistency all play a role in your food being satisfying. In the future, I may create versions of this book with calorie counts, but for now, I would like to focus on the simple ingredients and cooking techniques that bring these recipes to life.

When you see the ‘leaf symbol’ it means the recipe is 100% vegan. Most of the recipes are vegetarian, but not vegan. However, I’ve included substitutions that can make most of the recipes vegan-friendly.

Lastly, before you hit the ground running blending up your first smoothie bowl, be sure to check the right margin for the hungry mouth.  Think of it as a Eat This Not That warning. The recipe will take the place of its unhealthy arch-nemesis.




Simple and Delicious Recipes for the Health Conscious

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