Last week I wrote about my experience using the Ren Anti-Pollution mist. I really noticed a difference in the level of breakouts I was having after using the product. I recently began a new job in downtown Austin, Texas, and ever since, my skin has been acting up! So I decided to see if using an anti-pollution spray would help. It surely did! I was so happy with my results, that I invested in the Ren Pollution Proof Kit from Sephora. I love kits because you can try out smaller versions of the the full size product. It allows you to test out more products from the brand without paying the full size price. This kit includes:

  1. The Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist
  2. Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial
  3. V-Cense Youth Vitality Cream
  4. V-Cense Revitalizing Night Cream

The kit is  $32 value and I estimate it will last you 2-3 weeks. So that’s $10-15 per week worth of value.

What to expect:

The Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist

The Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist is by far my favorite product from the kit. It smells clean, fresh, and very natural which is an absolute MUST for any product that I use on my face. It’s great to wear over makeup because it creates a dewy look. I use a matte foundation from BareMinerals, so it’s nice to cut through the chalky matte look with a dewy fresh glow.

The Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

Now Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial surprised me. It’s an ocean blue color gel that you massage over clean skin. Then, you add more water to your finger tips and massage again. This is when the magic happens. The second massage session is supposed to activated the Vitamin C in  the product. But what stood out to me was that it was stripping the hidden dirt from skin! The product became muddy in color and brown. Ewww! But so cool! After the second massage, you leave it on skin for another minute. Then you wash off. My skin feels really clean after using this product. The Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial can be used 3 time per week.

V-Cense Youth Vitality Cream & V-Cense Revitalizing Night Cream

These creams are great for keeping skin moisturized. I don’t always wear a moisturizer because my skin is so naturally oily. But I love how light weight and fresh both of these cream are.

From Left to Right: The Ren V-Cense Night Cream, V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream, Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. I noticed that about a week after opening the Flash Facial , that the cream had changed from a sea foam green color to a yellow color. This could be due to oxidation.

BONUS Product!

The Ren Pollution Proof Kit comes with a free sample of their Flash Hydro-Boost instant plumping emulsion.

I’m really loving this skin care brand as we move into Spring. It’s all natural, lightweight, and I’m seeing wonderful results. What are some of your favorite skincare products that you swear by? Please share below!