You don’t have to shed loads of money $$$ to look great. You can look incredibly smart and attractive if you have an eye for details and an innovative mind. It may seem like fashion and style bloggers have an unlimited supply of super-cool outfits, but the fact is that they are just good at being creative. Some tiny tweaks here and there can make even the most basic outfits look seriously chic. Here are some style ideas for you to refresh your wardrobe and come up with something that you never thought can take your look to the next level. Follow these easy styling tips to look like the star that you are and turn heads at the wine party this weekend.

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Colored Trousers – One of the easiest ways to restyle a boring top or shirt is to pair them up with a pair of colored trousers. Colored trousers can make you feel different and give you that much-needed break from your daily office routine of black and blue denim with a white shirt or top. It will actually set you in the mood for a rocking party and are extremely easy to wear and carry.

Fall-Friendly Styles

Do yourself the favor of letting go body hugging tight denim for once, and try colored trousers. Not only do they give some room to breathe but also can be worn to sleep. Colored trousers are available in all colors like red, pink, blue, green etc. You can select what suits your taste and presents some good matching options. Pair them up with tops or shirts, in contrast, and restyle all of your boring outfits right there.

*Hint: Stick with neutral colored tops in beige, white and black to make matching your ensemble seamless.


black woman wearing belt

Belts And Accessories – Another fantastic option for restyling a boring outfit of yours is to throw some belts and accessories on with it. Belts and accessories are undoubtedly a woman’s best friend and the quickest way to boost any look instantly. Even if you are a bit curvy, they help you define a style statement of your own. Wear a wide belt with an old loose top or a dress that you have worn multiple times and make it brand new! The trick can make you stand out in the crowd.

Available in a lot of styles, you can pair a different belt with almost every outfit and come up with something totally new. In case you want to experiment with accessories, wearing a graceful and branded watch is an option that will never go out of fashion. Apart from that, carry a bag that complements your look. Look for some wholesale women’s clothing outlets near your place and shop for some amazing stuff.

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 Restyle The White Shirt TooRestyling a white shirt is quick and easy. Consider wearing a loose white shirt with a wide corset belt and thigh high stockings. This will make you look way more appealing than you could ever imagine! Pair a formal white shirt with a blue or black pair of denim jeans, like always, but throw in a fall overcoat to spice things up.  You can also pair it up with a pencil skirt to give your look a formal yet sexy touch and is especially recommended in case you are going to be out for an office party.

The Perfect Pants – Sweat in style and ditch those boring gym outfits. Restyle your gym and bodybuilding apparel with a nice pair of classy gym pants. Do not slip into just any random pair of pajamas, consider wearing workout pants suitable for your exercise. This will help you with the exercise along with making you look good. Invest in a decent pair of pants manufactured of medium to high compression fabric.

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Rebecca Siggers

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