Whether you are looking for something that will help you get started on a new fitness journey or are wanting to find new ways to spice up your existing routines, there’s a fitness app out there that will connect you to the motivation, expertise, and community to make your goals a reality.

Here are six fitness apps that promise to help you become the strongest, healthiest you that you can be.


Merging the convenience of the digital world with the unparalleled benefits of small in-person classes, ClassPass makes it easy to keep your routine fresh and try new things without a long-term commitment. The app offers sign-ups for a variety of classes including cycling, boxing, strength training, running, and yoga. There might even be some options you’ve never heard of before! Rather than getting stuck with a membership to one specific place, you can use ClassPass to make sure your workouts always match your mood and your goals. You can sign up for classes anytime while also getting the benefits of access to workout videos anywhere you go and getting connected with ClassPass’ growing and motivated membership community.

Pricing varies slightly by city, and you’ll need to have access to a major metro area for ClassPass to work for you, but you have the option to sign up for three classes a month (around $30), five classes a month (around $45), or ten classes a month (around $85).


Fitness isn’t just for the body but also the mind, and Headspace promises to help users meditate more effectively, frequently, and routinely. Offering themed sessions that address specific moods or situations, Headspace gives users control that allows them to squeeze a meditation session into a brief window in a busy day or to commit to longer, more involved sessions as part of a daily wake-up or bedtime routine.

The app is free to download and has some limited features that anyone can use. To unlock the full app, you’ll have to pay for either a monthly subscription ($12.99), an annual subscription (billed at $7.99/month) or a lifetime membership (one-time payment of $399.99).

Fitted Lifts

Billed as a “no frills” fitness app, the power of Fitted Lifts lies in its simplicity. It gives weightlifters an easy way to set a specific routine using preset lifts or adding your own. You can then easily track when you did a lift, what weight you used, and how many reps you completed. It takes the pen and paper out of tracking for a clean, simple log.

The Fitted Lifts app costs $2.99.

yoga pose


If you’re looking for a place to track data, get access to virtual workout plans, and become part of a community, JEFIT might be a fit for you. Boasting detailed data reports and the ability to track any kind of workout in one place, JEFIT offers a lot of feedback and a clear way to log progress. It also offers a membership community that is 5 million users deep and promises pre-set workouts for all fitness and experience levels.

The ad-supported version of the app is free, but access to full features will require a monthly ($4.99/month) or yearly (billed $3.33/month) subscription.

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Maybe music is what drives you. If so, Aaptiv offers a music-centric fitness experience with guided audio workouts. Choose from different types of workouts like outdoor running, treadmill, strength training, and elliptical. It takes the guesswork out of building an effective fitness routine and makes sure that your gym time is spent getting you closer to your goals while also having some fun.

Aaptiv offers a 30-day free trial. After that, a current sale on the annual membership makes it $8.33/month. A monthly plan is available for $14.99.

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FitNet calls its app the “personal trainer for everyone.” It uses a familiar formula of giving access to virtual workout plans, but it adds in actual real-time communication with a real personal trainer with whom users build an ongoing relationship. It syncs with Apple Watch to track fitness data and allows you to use photos to send to your personal trainer for feedback on form. Its workout database includes very short videos that can fit in even the busiest schedules, and the ongoing motivation from your personal trainer helps you stick to your goals.

The app is free to download and grants immediate access to a database of videos. Users can sign up for different plans and challenges such as a one-week plan for $6.99 or a four-week plan for $19.99.

If you are seeking an in-person connection, a virtual community of support, a new type of exercise to keep you interested, or just an easier way to write down your lifts, there’s an app out there that will help you get and stay fit. What fitness app are you using to stay in shape? Share with the community below!