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Let’s all say hello to gorgeous and glowing Kammie. “Helllllooooo, Kammie!!” Welcome, as the seventh member of the Skin Collective.  This beauty has some amazing skin care secrets to share with us and I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration from her skin care wisdom.

Natural Beauty Products She Can’t Live Without: 

Rose Hydrosol, Jojoba oil, SUNSCREEN with SPF15+ & PA+++ without oxybenzone

What’s Special About these Products?

(1)- Jojoba oil is an all-around beauty product. I use it for my pre-shampoo conditioner, makeup remover, and facial & body moisturizer (if I’ve forgotten to bring one during travel). It absorbs fast and is similar to our natural sebum. 2- Sunscreen is a must for anyone who wants to slow down aging – coming from Asia, there’s no such thing as celebrated as sunscreen with “anti-aging” effects. Trust the Asians – you can never tell our age from our skin! 3- Rose hydrosol because I love the aroma 🙂

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What Results Have You Seen From Using These Products?

My cheeks are no longer flaky and dry. Although my forehead has seen a few little bumps that I suspect is due to oiliness. I’ll scale down on the moisturizers for my forehead. Sunscreen – still lucky to look younger than my age ;P

What do you love about your skin?

I love that it hasn’t brought me too much trouble – my complexion is relatively consistent across my whole face, and I do notice pores getting bigger as I age, but overall I love how soft they feel after I put on my rose hydrosol & jojoba oil!

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You can check out more beauty reviews from Kammie by visiting her on her blog Her blog talks about #SlowFashion, #MinimalistSkincare and #ConsciousLiving.