This weekend was filled with a few wins and a few losses. Some wins include finishing my article for Culture Map (yay!), finding this summer fashion staple tube dress from Velvet Torch (it’s under $15, such a steal), and meeting someone new ;). The losses (I want to forget them) were spending a little too much money on fast fashion (yikes) and not painting that wooden bread box you see in the right side of this photo (soon to be come my clothes drawer).

As a sustainable fashion blogger, I really enjoy sharing my fashion wins. But I have to admit, it can be hard to find EVERYTHING I’m looking for and have it also be sustainable. This weekend I managed to purchase my first pair of sustainable denim (HUGE WIN!). And I finally was able to try on some pieces from Zara’s sustainable fashion line as well. Such cute stuff (my sandals are from ALDO,the perfect summer sandal, so HOT!).

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But the reason for today’s post is to highlight one of my favorite summer staples. A cute strapless tube dress. It is such a great investment and I haven’t had one in year’s. In my defense of this fast fashion purchase, I will say pieces like this one stay in my wardrobe for a few years. It’s the perfect beach or pool staple, and the perfect go-to when running errands. I love this particular one not only because it was under $15, but because it’s a modest length. When you show a lot of skin up top, you need to compensate on the bottom half of your body. This dress is fiery red hot yet keeps just enough covered. It’s also super soft and comes in black, white, cobalt, and yellow. The same brand also makes a fun off the shoulder look that is perfect for the summer time and it’s only $16.95.  

I believe every woman could benefit from having a good strapless, tube dress in her wardrobe. It’s so versatile and makes getting dressed on a hot summer day a breeze. I’ve linked some of my favorite strapless dresses below (some sustainable and some not). And a similar style of my rimless shades can be found here (though I bought mine at a thrift shop).