A lot of people think that it really has to be one of the other, but it is totally possible to create a garden that both looks good and offers a decent level of sustainability. If you’re passionate about sustainable living and you love spending time in a beautiful outdoor space, here are some sustainable garden ideas that’ll show you how it’s done:

reclaimed garden space

Reclaim the Space Instead of Wrecking It

It can be oh so tempting to renovate your garden not by saving and improving what is already there, but by removing the aspects you don’t enjoy and starting again. Not only is this not sustainable, but it tends to be more expensive, and actually, working with the stuff you have can be a lot more rewarding, and make for a much more interesting space anyway. So, keep those rocks and avoid ripping out those plants if you can, Instead, think of a way you can reimagine them. For example, if you have a well on your property, but it isn’t used for water, instead of tearing it down, make it safe and plant it with colorful flowers for a unique feature only your garden has of if your garden has a crumbling old grain silo on site, incorporate it into the new wall your building for a quirky feature that no one can ignore.

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Use Local Materials

Instead of buying imported stone, use the locally sourced stuff. That way, it will be in keeping with the history of the building, ensuring that your garden complements its surroundings. This goes for the wood you use, the flowers you plant and the trees you grow – the more authentically local they are the better for the look of your garden and its sustainability.

bird bath

Have a Water Feature

You might think that having a water feature is a waste of resources, but really it’s not. Whether you simply install an ornamental birdbath, a fancy fountain or a full-on pond, not only will you give your garden a great focal point, but you’ll help the local wildlife to survive and thrive. Oh, and running water is one of the most soothing sounds there is, so should you choose a moving water feature, you’ll set yourself up for lots of outdoor relaxation times too.


Get a Greenhouse

If you want to garden sustainably you need a greenhouse. Greenhouses allow you to grow and care for plants and flowers all year round, so there is less waste. Not only that, but you can buy some pretty attractive greenhouses these days, so if you choose right it will become a great feature in your garden in its own right. Keep it clean, fill it with lots of interesting plants and flowers and it will look great.

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wildflower meadow

Create a Wildflower Meadow

The great thing about wildflower meadows is that they take very little effort to create and maintain, but they look stunningly beautiful with their rainbow of colors and shapes. They’re, more importantly, great for bees and other insects, that we need to protect and encourage for nature’s sake and our own.

Time to get gardening!