What do you know, we are on Day 3 of SXSW Music week. And I’m on Day 3 of giving you upcycled fashion from Blue Velvet Vintage. Today is actually my last day in the this 3 day series. Music week continues on through Saturday though. My last outfit is as casual as it gets. As the week rolls on, things tend to get more intense, the parties get more wild, and you are probably scrambling to find secret shows all over town. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Today though, I’m chillin’ at Epoch Coffee basking in this glorious weather. And thinking about my SXSW recap post that I’m planning for this weekend . And of course I’m going to help you with that recovery by featuring some healthy snacks to ease your diet back to normal after a crazy Spring Break .

But now for more outfit details…


This look really kind of found me. I had on the shirt and thought “hey, these would look pretty cool together right?” And Voila! I present you my ‘Tourist in Your Own City’ look. My photographer friend Linda Nguyen who took these bomb photos was like, ‘You kinda look like a tourist with the hat and vacation tee’ and boy was she right. I was a little embarrassed at first by her revelation because that wasn’t really the look I was going for, but hey I decided to just roll with it. I’m a native Austinite enjoying the sites and sounds in her hometown during Spring Break. And there are literally so many people from other cities and countries here this week that I practically am a tourist. So it fits!

You can find this and all of the outfits I featured in this series at Blue Velvet Vintage here in Austin, Texas (if they haven’t already sold by the time this is published).