Sakeenah Aleem wears pink t-shirt and a knee length plaid skirt from vintage boutique Blue Velvet in Austin, Texas.

It’s Day 3 of Music Week at SXSW and I couldn’t be more refreshed. After this past weekend, I had to take a break from events. Standing in 45 degree weather in ballet flats for two hours is not a fun experience (it was worth the wait and cold though). On Monday I was feeling the after effects from shivering, my muscles were extremely sore like I had been exercising for hours. LOL I wish that was the reason. But anyways, it took two days of chill mode to get me back to normal.

Yesterday on the blog I shared Day 1 of OOTD SXSW Fashion. Today, I’m on outfit number two from Blue Velvet Vintage. This knee length skirt is so cute and has me feeling like a school girl. I love it because it’s so casual and feminine. The tan leather cross body bag is another fave that really helps make the outfit look more cool and less grandma. What can I say? I like to take risks with my fashion! And something you might start to notice is that I love a high-waisted skirt. I have a short torso and long legs, so it just feels natural to wear everything up to my belly button.

You can purchase this skirt in a size s/m at Blue Velvet for $22.99

And the Coach Bag is only $38.99

Check out Blue Velvet Vintage if you are in town for SXSW. You never know what you might discover!