The 21 Womb Detox is designed to assist you in transforming your habits regarding how you treat your body from the inside out and above and below.  The Womb Detox Meal Plan was inspired by my own journey to balance and heal my sacral chakra. I wanted to create something that I could use as a reference for myself, and in doing so, I realized that my plan could help other women in need of healing.

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21 Day Womb Detox

Why Detox?


When I began trying to heal my sacral chakra, I dove in deep. At the time, I was experiencing extreme physical pain and I wanted to relieve myself as soon as I could. In that process, I learned ways to heal and balance the sacral chakra that I will be sharing with you in this e-book.  

My goal is to help women who may be suffering from extreme period cramps, excessive menstrual bleeding, uterine fibroids, uterine cysts, pelvic pain, or infertility. I am not a medical professional. I do advise that you consult your personal physician before implementing any new diet. 

One thing that makes this detox so powerful is that you will see results in your overall health. I find that when we focus on dieting for vanity’s sake, we often lose motivation. Superficial reasons for adopting a healthier diet don’t tend to last, that’s why they are called fad diets. In my personal experience on this detox plan, I found that I lost weight, my stomach was less bloated, my breath smelled better, and I lost motivation for eating junk food.


Interested in a boost to your normal meal prep routine? There’s the option to purchase only the recipe book and weekly meal plans (with grocery lists). You will still gain access to the Facebook group with this option as well.


Womb Detox Meal Plan $11.11

Womb Detox Meal Plan $122.22


If you are ready to overhaul your diet and daily routine, then I encourage you to purchase the full experience. The 21 Day Womb Detox will teach you how to slow down and create a healthier lifestyle. Balance your mind, body, and soul with this transformative detox. Includes


1. An 18-page recipe book featuring healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes that are alkaline, full of fiber, and full of antioxidants to help your body fend off diseases. Each recipe includes calorie, fat, carb, fiber, and sugar counts.

2. A detailed 3-week meal plan. Each day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options.

3. A food modifications and suggestions list to assist in increasing overall satisfaction on the detox. As well as providing suggestions on foods that can be substituted or added for additional healthy sustenance.

4. Four journaling prompts/templates to track your progress. As your body adjusts to this new lifestyle, new sensations, pains, and emotions may be released for healing. The journal allows you to monitor your mental and physical state each step of the way.

5. A weekly self-care schedule. Besides modifying your diet, this plan will encourage you to include other healing modalities, including salt baths, yoga, and essential oil therapy to name a few.

6. A products and food guide featuring recommended items to help you on your healing journey.

7. Weekly and Monthly Meal Planning Templates so you can create your own menus. Includes grocery shopping template, pantry list templates.

8. Alkaline Food Lists to help make menu planning and meal prep easier.

9. A Sacral Chakra Activation Handmade Bath Bar (While Supplies Last). Elevate your bath routine with the sensual and invigorating fragrances from these soap bars. Made with natural ingredients and essential oils. Clean and detoxify your skin with activated charcoal, brighten your complexion with Tumeric, and enliven your sacral chakra with the healing aromas of citrus essential oils. Please send me a message after purchasing to claim your bath bar!

10. Instant Access to the Sacral Chakra Balancing and Womb Healing Facebook Community. A safe space created for women on the sacred journey of healing their feminine womb center. Group members are encouraged to share their thoughts and experience about the 21 Day Detox, healthy vegan recipes, articles pertaining to women’s wellness, and more. This group will be moderated to make sure it is a safe and welcoming space for all members. Members will also get exclusive access to new recipes, meal plans, and more!