When John Ray said, “Beauty is power and a smile is its sword” he was probably referring to the beauty which is visible to the world because a beautiful person can get half of the things sorted out without any effort. While you can’t do without every product, you can’t carry everything either. The weight of the beauty product also matters when you are traveling, so it’s always better to carry small bottles or sample size products.

Listed below are 5 make-up products that are must-have in your bag while traveling:

Shimmery Makeup Sticks for Lips, Cheeks, Body, and Eyelids.

Makeup sticks are a perfect blend of creamy formula and sheer color that effortlessly accentuates the contours. They can highlight and merge well with all skin tones. This product has a very velvety and almost transparent texture. Very quick and easy to apply, the sticks leave a very enticing shimmer with the natural finish. Apply these using the fingertips and the skin’s natural warmness will help blend perfectly. 


Many of these products help in creating a perfect and glowing complexion and the antioxidants, vitamin E and other essential oil like Acai oil present in them helps to protect the skin from damages.  They stay for a longer period of time and are perfect for traveling when kept inside a tiny clutch or handbag. These tiny sticks give you an instantly glamorous look when you are all set for a girls hang-out in your beautiful casual long dress.

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Sunscreen with Olive Polyphenols SPF 40

 Broad spectrum SPF 40 Sunscreens have skin soothing minerals that provide protection from harming UV rays while traveling. Rich in Olive polyphenols, Omega-3, and Omega 6 fatty acids, these sunscreens calm redness, itching, mild allergy and burning sensation (inflammation) caused due to change in weather. Available in lightweight packages, it is specially designed for traveling and is suitable for the most sensitive skin types also.

Zinc oxide UV protection present in the sunscreen acts as a barrier on the skin surface and enables protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun during the day. The texture blends with the skin very easily and does not leave any residue or a white layer. The olive polyphenols present in the sunscreen act as the anti-oxidants that calm the itching or irritation.  

Apply these to form a layer under your favorite foundation or the color coverage product you are using while traveling. Moreover, sunscreen is an absolute necessity when you are planning to have a party at the beach.

 Non-rinse Facial Cleanser

Non-rinse cleanser enhances the skin’s resistance to changing environmental conditions. It helps to control the bad body odors, cleaning eyes and face which are essential during traveling. Use this cleanser for general skin cleaning needs as they have pH balanced, hypoallergenic formula besides having vitamins and minerals. It does not need rinsing after application. It is available in small packing for the convenience of carrying while traveling. Very simple to use, it acts as a quality moisturizer that also soothes and conditions the skin on the go, eliminating the steps and water requirements in the process of cleaning the skin. Apply a few drops of cleanser on a cotton pad and swipe over the dry skin portions for fresher and cleaner feeling.



Balance with Mascara

An almost weightless mascara acts as a balancer while traveling. Travel in flight, train or open roof vehicle, a water/smudge proof mascara will last for an entire day even after rubbing eyes. At the end of the day, it would be easy to remove it, at your own will with face wipes. A mascara can complete your formal look even without full face makeup. Coupled with a premium quality concealer, mascara can make you look chic without any effort.


Hair Care Essentials

Follow 3oz (no container over 3oz) rule while traveling, so carry dry shampoo or shampoo bar that would not only save space in luggage but also do away with any chance of leakage. **Keep the mini shampoos from your hotel room. for future travel.

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Tips and tricks for carrying more makeup products in luggage

  • Quitting big size packing of the favorite beauty products can save a lot of space in bags.
  • Perfume roll-on is a better substitute for the bottles and can fit into even the tiniest sling or clutch.
  • A sleek and almost weightless mascara can make you look a sweet chic on a trip with minimalist makeup.
  • Adding damp makeup sponge and makeup wipes can save space that otherwise taken up by makeup brushes
  • Along with the above-mentioned makeup products don’t forget to carry your folding toothbrush and a premium quality Tesco cool mint mouthwash. After all, you need a beautiful smile to go along with your pretty face.