We’ve still got a little bit to go until 2019, but for a beauty and skincare addict that doesn’t matter. What matters is getting a peek at the hottest trends that are coming our way, and having the opportunity to master them before they even appear on the streets. Next year seems to be full of natural and gorgeous makeup and dewy skincare, so if you’re eager to get a glimpse at how to look stylish and pretty in 2019, read on.



models wearing bright makeup

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Vivid Brights

From Anna Sui to Christian Siriano, we’ve seen models wearing bright, statement eyeshadow that was beautifully feathered out. Next year is all about simple looks, but that doesn’t mean any of them will be basic. You don’t need ten different shadows to achieve a good eye look – with only a little pop of something bright on your lids or in your crease you can have a youthful springtime look in less than a minute.


blake lively and rihanna with big waves

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Brushed-out Curls

Reminiscent of old Hollywood movies, big curls that are gently brushed out instead of left defined are a wonderful way to achieve a very natural-looking volume. This look is not that hard to do either – you only need a good curling iron, a hairbrush, and some hairspray to hold it all in place. Pair this with red lipstick and eyeliner to complete the glam vibe.

models with rose gold lips

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Jeremy Scott once again showed us the power of a statement lip. With barely any face makeup and a foiled, metallic rose gold lip the models were left with that perfect blend of natural and glamorous. Get a lip gloss or a metallic liquid lip and make it the focus of your look if you want to achieve this level of sexiness.

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Glassy Skin

models with shiny skin

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A Korean trend that’s already popular seems to be continuing well into next year. Practically every other model had very minimal makeup, and what’s more, their skin was very carefully made to look soft, dewy, and entirely glass-like in its youthful shine. This means we’ll be upping our moisturizing game, and if you want your face to be healthy, soft, and delicate, you should focus on hydration skincare to achieve the dewy look that’s so sought-after. Cleanse, moisturize, use sunscreen, and take very good care of your skin because nothing beats a radiant complexion.

Navy Nails

navy colored nails

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Dark nail polish looks extremely sophisticated, and navy will definitely be one of the go-to colors for next year. If you crave to have elegant hands, use a hand mask, trim your nails, and then apply navy polish to finish it off.

women with bushy eyebrows

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One of the biggest brow trends for next year – leave your brows alone. No more trimming and heavy makeup to fill them in, and no more forceful caterpillar brow shapes. For the most part, you’ll only need a clear gel to brush through them, and maybe a hint of color to gently define them.


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