And I actually bought them this time. I remember back when I was an ambitious blogger determined to be the next Song of Style. Haha! How far I’ve come. Back when I used to email brands and ask for products to promote and share with my humble following. Those were the days. Years or hustling, comparison, and grit. And now, I just chill and write a post here or there. Like this one. But this time, I bought these, because years ago, I fell in love with the quality of these tights.
hoisery packaging on the floor
Pantyhose created from both pre and post-consumer nylon waste.
It’s a rare occurrence that you see me in anything but a dress or skirt. So imagine the dismay my legs feel at the first sign of cold air. I love fall because its the beginning of layering season. Fall is when I take stock of all of my tights and see how I can make them pair with my wardrobe. This year, I realized I needed new tights, and pronto! It had been a few year since I’d looked at Swedish Stockings website. So when I got to their page and saw the high fashion spread, I was pleasantly surprised at their marketing twist. Their stockings have definitely evolved to include more daring prints and styles. The price point is still about the same. But I was more excited than ever to purchase a few pair.  
woman standing in window swinging her hair
woman looking out the window drinking coffee
woman with foot on window ledge
I decided on four styles of tights that would pair well with my main wardrobe. I wanted a touch of color so I purchased the ribbed Bordeaux-colored Alba Ribbed tights pictured above. This color is synonymous with fall and winter and will be a wardrobe staple when I’m looking to spice up an outfit. The Lotta Check tights in black and wine are fun. They feature a sheer plaid pattern a la Clueless and are very sexy. Sadly, I tore mine the first time I tried them on (damn fake nails). But don’t worry, Swedish Stockings are very durable and highly rip proof, if you keep your sharp talons at bay. That’s the reason I keep coming back to this brand. My last pair lasted me 3 years before finally, they did rip. ::sigh::. So yes, I’m a fan of the quality and they are well worth the price. I shop for quality. Lastly, I settled on two black pair, the Lovisa Innovation tights and the Edith Lace tights. Now if the weather in Texas could just stay below 60 degrees so that I can wear them all regularly. Is that too much to ask?
stockings on a womans legs
woman lounging in chair with legs kicked up

Sippin’ on that cheap hotel coffee while wearing my Lotta Check tights, sexy.

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