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I am super excited to have Brenttany as the 6th member of the Skin Collective. This aesthetician has a passion for natural and organic beauty products and has the skin to show for it. Learn more about which beauty products keeps her skin glowing to perfection.

What are skin care or beauty products that you swear by?

Organic Rose water, Rose Geranium + Coconut cleanser oil, collagen, and retinol serum and Medix 5.5 Cellulite Cream

What’s special about the products that you chose?

“My organic rose water is multipurpose. I use it to remove makeup and to tone my face after a cleanse. I can’t live without it. The Rose Geranium and Coconut cleansing oil make it easier for me to cleanse my face after a long day of wearing makeup with minimal effort. As for my collagen and retinol serum, it prevents fine lines and sagging. I don’t have cellulite but the ingredients in my Medix 5.5 Cellulite Cream keeps my skin firm and smooth. I’m pretty much obsessed with all of these products because my main goal is prevention”

the skin collective

Image Courtesy of Brenttany Edwards

What results have you seen since using these products?

“, more even skin tone, diminished fine lines and softer skin.


Shop Her Picks!

You can get to know the beautiful Brenttany over on her blog,

Medix 5.5 Cellulite Contour + Smooth Toning Cream

Measurable Difference Collagen + Retinol Serum

Olivia Care Organic Rose Water

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