Months ago I did a post about Saya Designs and their kickstarter campaign. Flash forward to now and Saya Designs is now in business, creating beautiful sustainable hairpins from recycled root wood. I was really excited to test this product out and the designer and owner of the company Victoria kindly sent me the Moon Flower hair pin. Sadly, I had already chopped off my hair but I decided to have some fun with my co-workers instead. Check out this wonderful hair pin line doing great things for the earth!


So as I mentioned before, I received the Moon Flower hair pin (pictured above) to play around with. I chose this piece because it seemed quite versatile. I could imagine styling my hair (when I had it) in multiple. Plus it just looks really cool.

How to Style

The lovely Gabby is wearing the Moon Flower in a half up-do. It’s so easy to style this look and the pin holds the hair in place securely. Just don’t go shaking your head wildly.

To style, pull the top half of your hair back into and let the bottom half hag free. With the round piece of the Moon Flower, pull hair through to create a loop. Stick the straight pin through that loop to secure. (As pictured above).

For the second look I have Hailey modeling (thanks girl!!)

Gather hair at the top of your head. Twist into a tight bun but don’t secure it. Place the round piece of the Moon Flower over the bun and stick the straight pin through the bun and underneath the opposite end of the round piece.

For the last and final look, gather hair on top of the head. Twist hair into a tight bun, and secure with the straight pin of the Moon Flower. The round piece isn’t used in this look.

Big shout out to Hailey and Gabby for playing my models for the day. So glad we could work this out even though I forgot the memory card for my camera. 🙂

The Moon Flower is available on the Saya Designs website along with other great hair pin style to choose from. These earthy pieces are wonderful because they used recycled wood. And with every hair pin purchased, Saya Designs plants up to 10 seeds of endangered endemic tree species. It’s a really cool beauty line doing amazing things! To date, they’ve planted over 1,500 endangered tree species.

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