It’s almost summer and the sun is out, but is your skin ready to be out? I don’t know what it is about summer time but it seems like when the light is bright, all the flaws begin to show. It is OK though. There is no such thing as perfection. We live in a social media obsessed world but I don’t obsess about it. There are so many ways to make sure that your skin is GLOWING this summer. Keep reading to learn some secret beauty tricks and products that will help you get GLOWING summer skin.

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Remove the Furry Layer

In a world where girls are throwing out the razor, I’m picking mine up. Body hair is a sensitive topic. And I am no stranger to it, especially in less than lady like areas. When that sun comes out and the temperatures warm up, I like to shave it all off. Its imperative that I shave my legs, armpits, stomach, and any other area that grows hair that I don’t want the world to see.

Getting hairless really helps with making the skin glow. Plus, shaving is an amazing way to exfoliate those layers of dead skin. So what about those who suffer from ingrown hairs? Well you can always invest in laser hair removal, or you can use products that help inhibit hair growth and minimize the likelihood of developing ingrown hairs. I recently started using the rice milk and rose body serum with hair inhibitor from Whish. It has a light scent and a little goes a long way. And with aloe and shea butter, this gel keeps my skin soft and smooth. At a Game of Thrones watch party (I loved that ending) a girl complimented me on how soft my skin was and I told her about Whish. I’m hoping that with continued use of this body serum and their aluminum free deodorant gel, I’ll see slower hair growth. That translates to less shaving ! Yay!

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And ladies, don’t forget to wax that upper lip or remove those stray beard hairs (hey it happens to the best of us). Use a face trimmer like this one, and consider investing in laser hair removal.

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Stay Hydrated

The one piece of advice that never gets old is to drink more water. It’s true, water is the skins best friend. If you are tired of boring water, try drinking other calorie free beverages that have a touch of flavor. I really like Zevia. Zevia is a calorie free soda that is sweetened with Stevia. It’s my favorite drink beside water. Water will help plump your skin and will give your skin an added glow.

Another great low-calorie beverage is Roar Organic Electrolyte Infusion Water. It’s a great alternative to other sugary beverages and it actually tastes good! And if you prefer a little fizzle with your drinks then I highly recommend my Cherry Limeade recipe. It’s low in calories and made with real cherry juice.

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Moisturize Skin After Bathing or Showering

The girl that I met at the Game of Thrones watch party was enamored with how soft my skin was. I told her that I always use lotion and body oil. Right after you take a shower or bath, you should immediately put on some form of body lotion or oil. Not only have I been using the Whish body serum to help slow my hair growth, but I’m in love with their Luminous Body Oil. It smells heavenly (think coconut sunscreen) and my skin has been glowing a lot more because of it. When you use an oil on your skin after bathing, you help to lock in that moisture. I’ve also used coconut oil with the same great results.

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Exfoliate Every Week

Make it a habit to exfoliate your body and face at least once a week. When you’re out in the summer heat, your skin is turning over dead skin cells like crazy. A simple yet effective body scrub that you can make at home is 1 part Himalayan sea salt and 1 part coconut oil. Check out my DIY post on how to make this amazing body scrub here.

Did you know that face masks are great natural exfoliatants as well? A good clay mask like this Mud Mask from Whish is a great way to free your pores from impurities and take off a layer of dead skin.

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Use Proper Sun Protection

This should go without saying, but sun protections is extremely important. Not only will you protect your skin from sun damage, but you will prevent scarring from sensitive areas like your face. If you are considering laser hair removal, this is very important. Laser hair removal makes your skin sensitive and too much sun exposure prior to or right after a treatment can result in skin discoloration and scarring.

Always choose a REEF safe sunscreen to protect your skin and the coral reefs and marine life in the oceans. You can also protect your face and prevent premature aging by wearing a large sun hat.

It is really easy to get glowing skin that is ready to show off this summer. By adopting these simple habits, your skin will look and feel amazing well into fall. Perfect for cuddle season. If you liked this post, please leave a comment and share with your closest friend! Thank you so much for reading.