Wildlife Adventure in Tyler, Texas

  • Sight Seeing 60% 60%
  • Food 10% 10%
  • Activites 30% 30%

Destination: Tyler, Texas

Budget: $200.00

This was my first solo road trip with a drive over two hours long. Inspired by the plethora of free-time during quarantine, I decided to leave the city to discover something new. A blog article listing fun activities to do in Texas suggested the Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary. Upon further investigation, I learned that the sanctuary rescues wild cats from circuses, neglectful owners, and unfortunate circumstances. They provide shelter for the cats in a non-aggressive environment. The cats are not bred nor are they bought.

Tigers are the third-largest land mammal. They are the only cat species that have stripes on their skin as well as their fur. Tigers are solitary animals that rarely travel in packs.