If you are running your business remotely, you might be thinking about taking a break from the mundane and going on a journey with your family. We recently wrote about Singapore’s as an amazing eco-tourism destination. But we know how difficult vacation planning can be, especially if you are traveling overseas. Also, many parents struggle with childcare during the summer, and you don’t have the same problem if you are working from home. Keeping kids safe and entertained in a city environment, however, can be a challenge. Here’s some tips on how you can travel to Asia with ease while creating memories for life.

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Minimizing the Cost

The first thing you have to determine is your budget. Find out what is the minimum residual income your business will give you without putting in the same effort. Try to outsource some of the essential processes, such as your social media management, so you can keep it going while you are spending some quality time with your kids. You will have to pay for the flight and accommodation, and cover your insurance and living costs while you are away.

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Local Travel Agencies

Instead of paying too much commission for people who are reselling local travel agents’ packages, engage with the family business directly. There are many of them with a website, and their English is excellent. You can save a lot of money if you cut out the middleman, and get in touch with local travel companies. They will offer a tailor made package for you and your family, and might even include some attractions you don’t see in brochures.

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Family Friendly Attractions

Before you choose your travel destination in Asia, you will need to consider the interest and maturity level of all your family members. If your kids love wildlife and nature, you might choose Singapore, which is the most eco friendly destination on the continent. You can teach your children about looking after the environment and the living creatures around us, and take a few trips to nature reserves. If they are more interested in water related activities, you can find a stunning family beach with a family villa, or your own pool.

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Safety Considerations

As a western traveler, you will need to consider your safety and your kids’ health and well being. It is recommended that you get adequate family health and travel insurance, just in case something goes wrong. Inner city neighborhoods might not be the best place to stay with kids, but tourist resorts might take you over your budget. You will have to learn as much as you can about local customs and precautions from expats. There are plenty of great expat bloggers out there who are happy to share their experience and insight with you before you travel.

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As a family, you might want to get independent of the hotel and the regular routine. After all, that might be exactly what you wanted to escape. You can rent a great apartment close to all stores and attractions, as well as transport links for less than you would think. This will give you the freedom to wake up and eat when you want, and the space you and your family needs. Check out some great luxury family apartments at harga rumah, so you can make your budget stretch further than it would if you stayed at a luxury family resort.

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Extra Trips

No matter how stunning your location is, sitting in the apartment or doing the same things and seeing the same beaches every day can get boring. That is why you should break up your vacation by adding some trips. You can get a local agent to take you to the rural areas of the country, the heart of the jungle, or visit a nature reserve. Go on a scuba diving trip, or explore the country from above by taking a balloon flight. Make every day a new adventure for you and your kids, and they will create memories that will last for a lifetime.

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Self Development

It is crucial that you take the opportunity to learn something new when you have the time. You should not enroll in a full time course, but you can certainly improve your knowledge. Are you interested in Vietnamese culture and cooking? Go on a course, and learn to recreate some of the dishes at home. If you are a history lover, you can go on a local history course and learn about ancient civilizations and religions. You can even go to a spiritual retreat with your family, where you can reconnect with nature and your soul.

Learning About Ecosystems

When you change your location and your environment, you will face new experiences and landscapes. If this fascinates you, and you would like to learn as much as you can about how the ecosystem of the country works, and how Asians mastered living in harmony with nature, you might want to visit remote areas. Take a trip to see how ancient, traditional tribes live, and how they respect animals and plants. Go to an eco lodge, a nature reserve,or  an elephant rescue, and teach your kids more about nature than they would learn in school.

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Creating Memories

At the end of the day, the main purpose of taking a trip to Asia should be to create memories for a lifetime. You will have to ask your kids what they would like to do, what they are most interested in, and maybe create a travel diary together. Start a scrap book of the things you collected; pictures, tickets, and photos, and your children will appreciate your effort when they grow up and remember their trip for a lifetime.

Spending the summer in Asia might be one of the decisions you will never regret. However, loads of preparation will be needed to make the trip both enjoyable and memorable for all family members, and to ensure that you are not spending beyond your means.