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Many of us have purchased Fair Trade goods in the effort to do our part to make the world a better place.  But very few of us actually know much about the artisan behind the products or how their lives have changed because of the Fair Trade Model.

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Enter Trades of Hope, an organization that empowers women out of poverty and sex-trafficking through the sustainable business of opening the US marketplace to empower women in 18 countries around the world! Founded in 2010 by two mother-daughter pairs, Trades of Hope creates dignified partnerships between 13,000+ artisans and 5,000+ Compassionate Entrepreneurs who market their beautiful accessories, gifts, and decor in the US.  We create jobs and bring income to women worldwide who are becoming the heroes of their stories!





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We are DESIGNERS, like Sucy (left), who lives in a girls shelter/school in Guatemala and designed our Sucy Cosmetic Bag when she was just 15 years old.

We are STYLISTS, like one of our six artisan groups in India, who were gifted 4 weeks of free sewing lessons and created our first clothing item, the Rajeena Kimono!

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We are CREATORS, who learn new skills and techniques, study fashion trends and business practices, and love to see our handiwork in a national catalog!

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We are MODELS.  Every woman featured in our print catalogs or online graphics are from our Home Team or our sisterhood of Compassionate Entrepreneurs.  (That’s my friend, Erika!)

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We are COMMUNITY LEADERS, like Florence in Uganda who continues to invite women into their artisan group and was elected to serve on the local government council.

Fair Trade is more than a label.  It is people, it is opportunity, and it is a beautiful solution.  Thank you for being a part of it!


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Trades of hope Melanie portraitMelanie Sunukjian, Compassionate Entrepreneur for Trades of Hope

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