Some people find decorating their homes to be overwhelming. And in the looks oriented society we live in today, it’s no surprise that some people might not feel like they are up to the challenge.

However, there are many sources you can draw inspiration from. Take your time, browse through various online sources, and find the vibe you want to go for. We’ve put together a couple of useful tips that will aid you in creating a true Insta-worthy home.

Monochrome is still trendy

The easiest way to create a truly inspiring environment in your home is to go with the monochrome style. Instead of choosing the classic black and white theme, go with various shades of blue. Periwinkle, morning blue, duck blue, and even Polynesian blue are some of the best hues for creating a unique, monochrome look.

living space with white couches

Pay attention to the materials

Now, since the color scheme is pretty much subdued, you should consider implementing various materials in your design to give it more depth and character. So, think about filling the room with metallic lighting fixtures – floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps – soft area rugs and textured throw pillows. For the maximum impact, add a glass coffee table to complete the design.

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soft bed pillows

Fabrics are also very important

A true Insta-worthy home is no place for cheap things. Instead, make sure you invest in a luxurious curtain fabric, soft area rugs,lavish bedding, and cozy throws. Imagine that you cannot see – but feel the material used, and include all of your other senses – in choosing the best one. Additionally, it’s interesting how these fabrics look in a picture. Every one of them reflects the light differently, and you can feel them on a well-staged photograph.

books on a shelf

Details are super important

You know what they say, the devil truly is in the details. In order to make an Insta-worthy interior, you need to make sure that every corner of your home has something that draws a strong visual interest. So, for example, fill your shelves with interesting and visually appealing books – make sure you organize them properly, add interesting decor on your coffee table, pot an old vintage phone on your side table and hang various decor pieces on your walls (more on this later).

A new twist on wall art

Nowadays, anything can be used to make interesting wall art. It no longer boils down to simply hanging an interesting picture or framing a statement mirror. Since millennials make the majority of homeowners today – and millennials like to give everything their own personal touch – it’s no wonder that items like guitars, fedora hats, and basically anything you never thought of putting up on the wall as wall art became just that. This means that you are now free to display your preferences and interests throughout your home, as long as you do it in a neat and organized fashion.


Must not forget the greenery

Various greenery also plays a huge role in creating an Insta-worthy interior. Any type of potted plants will do, and you can even mix them up. However, a true must-have are big leafy plants – or indoor trees – that instantly make a statement. If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to maintain all the greenery properly, know that there are excellent faux alternatives that look almost like the real thing, but require almost no upkeep.

Simplicity is the key

While all of the above-mentioned tips may sound a bit overwhelming, the most important thing to keep in mind is simplicity. Don’t overstuff your home with numerous things and trinkets but choose the items that make a statement on their own and coordinate the rest of the decor around them.



Cooper Klein

Cooper Klein

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