what is hygge

Not a year goes by without a few catchy trends that get everyone’s tongues wagging. Hygge, pronounced hoo-gah is a Danish term used to describe a feeling of comfort or well-being. There are so many ways to experience Hygge. You can decorate your home in comforting and warm tones. You can burn scents that have the essence of Hygge and you can even employ some Hygge beauty techniques!

Hygge Your Home

Hygge in the home is full of comforting colors like greens and blues, and earthy scents. These wallpapers will have your home or office embracing the Hygge vibes in no time. Paired with a delectable scent, and you’ll get the full effect!


Ole Henriksen is the first major skincare brand jumping on the Hygge trend. They recently launched their Hygge HydraClay Detox Mask. It’s enriched with botanical oils and chamomile extract. This natural face mask is the third step in their Power Peel Transforming Facial System.

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What I’ve found is that Hygge is anything but boring. It’s full of character, strength, yet is soothing. It’s like the perfect balance between soft and firm. It’s just right. You can read more about this wellness trend and how to incorporate it’s essence into your lifestyle. We’ve gathered some articles for you:

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Hygge Your Home

What do you think? Are you falling for the Hoo-gah?