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This post was inspired by a conversation I had with my co-worker recently. I work at a boutique and I’m always examining the brands we carry. Were they produced in the U.S. are they made from recycled materials? You know, that sort of thing. So on this particular day we received some really cute clutches and they happened to be made from vegan leather. My co-worker remarked that it meant it was ‘fake’ leather. I, in my ignorance corrected her and said “I think it’s still made from animals, but from animals that died of natural causes.” Yes, this is really what I thought. But, because of my uncertainty, it prompted me to do some research. What is Vegan Leather? This is what I learned.

Well my coworker was right! I was wrong. womp, womp, wommmp. I learned that ‘vegan leather’ is a leather like material made from materials like waxed cotton, Polyeruathane or PU, and PVC leather. While no animals are harmed in making faux leathers, there might be another problem. The cheap plastic materials made from crude oil can splinter off during washes and pollute the water supply. These cheap synthethic fibers are fast fashions secret weapon. They are easy to make and cheap, cheap, cheap to produce.

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Peta certainly stands behind purchasing vegan leather as opposed to the real versions. Referencing several conscious brands for their use of faux leather.

So what’s a person to do when they want to shop smarter but face a catch-22 dilemma such as this?

The takeaway_ Cheap, flimsy options like my boots, whether they come from animals or oil products, are the junk food of fashio

Kind of makes you think doesn’t it? But I mean I can’t not buy boots! There has to be a way around this.

Consignment, Thrift, Upcycled leather bag, boots, and clothes. Vintage is always cooler plus don’t you just love telling someone that you found your fabulous statement piece at your favorite thrift shop? Yes. there is a silver lining.

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Is Fake Leather Really More Eco-Friendly Than Real?