What does it take to turn ethical fashion into a trending topic? Anyone see #whomademyclothes this past week on instagram? Ethical fashion is not new but it is making a lot of head way as more and more designers, brands, and consumers become aware of its need in our society. And the one thing that is instrumental in making this more than a trend are the consumers. We are in an era when many are waking up to the power of their voice, their influence, and their money. As we know, money rules the world. And  it’s our spending habits that really make all the difference.

It is because of my increased awareness of this need that I have decided to make my blog 100% sustainable by the year 2017! Yep, you read right. By the end of this year, every brand mentioned on this site will have a positive impact on this world in some way. Whether they donate money to philanthropic causes, use recycled goods, or use only vegan supplies I am making an increased effort to go Green in every area of my life. So from skin, hair, clothing, food, etc. I will be providing you with the dish on the ethical brands and companies you need to know about. I will also feature businesses that make even the smallest effort to provide sustainable goods. I am very excited about this because this will challenge me to become a better global citizen and to uphold my end on the ethical lifestyle movement. I hope that my choices inspire you and prove to you that a sustainable lifestyle can be just as great, meaningful, and stylish as the fast life.