Visiting the Equator, Hiking up the Cotopaxi, and River Rafting 

  • Sight Seeing 80% 80%
  • Food 45% 45%
  • Transportation 30% 30%
  • Activites 90% 90%

Duration: 13 days, 12 nights

Destination: Ecuador

Time of  Year: May 2017

Budget: $1,500.00

Ecuador was an intense backpacking experience. I traveled with 4 college friends on an relatively unplanned adventure. We had a rough itinerary, but the majority of everything we did was spur of the moment and planned in moment. At times it was challenging, sometimes it was even scary, but overall it was a nice break from everyday American life. It was an extremely affordable two week trip that I will never forget.

This beautiful country has so many wonderful gifts to offer the world. Life in the smaller towns such is very peaceful. Banos in particular is a great tourist town. They have a natural hot springs bath house where locals go to relax and rejuvenate with its high mineral content. There are a multitude of adventure travel agencies ready to take you on your next excursion. Lodging is great, and they even have sushi! 

Probably one of my least favorite parts of the trip. The Cotopaxi sits at a daunting 19,347′ elevation. My altitude sickness almost kept me from making it to the top of the hiking point. Nevertheless, I survived to tell write this post. And my friend took some pretty amazing snapshots as well. Click here to view more images!

Best Food & Drink in Banos, Ecuador


1. Casa Hood in Banos, Ecuador

This restaurant was so good we dined here TWICE during our stay in Banos. Try the Nasi Goreng a thai flavored dish of rice, chicken, and mixed vegetables.  Other staples on the menu are the fajitas, chicken soup, and any of their wonderful fresh pressed juice combos. View Menu

2. Zumo in Banos, Ecuador

We ate at Zumo as part of a Canyoning excursion we did with travel agency Imagine Ecuador. The menu is fresh and features a array of sushi options. This restaurant is an absolute must try for fresh delicious cuisine made with heart. View menu

3. P&B Pub in Banos, Ecuador

Located as part of the Plantas y Blanco Hostel, we dined here on our first night in Banos and were stunned by the relaxing lounge feel. The perfect place to end your day of travel. The Happy Hour gets you some of their signature cocktails at a two for 1 price of about $4-$5. View menu

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Day 4

We took a bus to Montanita, a small surf town on the beach. Clubs, food, dancing, and ocean adventures.

Day 7

We zip-lined through the cloud forest and went canyoning down waterfalls on this fun filled day.

Day 8

On one of our final days in Banos, we tried our hand at the level 3+ rapids. We even flipped our raft…